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The Team


The Team: Team



Adrian has 30 years experience as an ex-military Fighter Pilot and commercial airline pilot. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI)  and past military experience spans across both hemispheres in training and operational roles. 
He is currently an airline pilot for a Major Airline and is experienced on wide body long haul and regional flying on Airbus 330/340/350 aircraft. 

He is also a certified ICAO Aviation English trainer and rater and current focus is in employing emerging technology into current day use cases for Enterprise solutions and Education. 

Specialization and past experience include: Project Management, Training Development, Instructional Design, Flight Trials Methodology, VR/AR and Edutech Development.



Patrick has over 15 years' commercial aviation and management experience, spanning across major international legacy airlines, low-cost international, low-cost regional as well as general aviation. Experience flying both Boeing (B737) and Airbus (A330/A350) types. A proven track record in managing and developing Safety, Risk and Flight Data systems.



Jacky has more than 20 years of flying experience as an ex-military fighter pilot and current commercial airline pilot. In the military, he had served as an operational pilot on the F5s and F15SGs, involved in several major military exercises such as Red Flag (United States), Maple Flag (Canada) and Pitch Black (Australia). He was also an instructor pilot for new fighter pilots and Weapon System Officers, and was involved in aircraft trials on the F15SGs with the Flight Test Center. Academically, he holds a Bachelors' Degree (Hons) in Business Administration from National University of Singapore, specializing in Finance and Technopreneurship. He currently operates the B777 as an airline pilot.



Delicia is an Aviation Psychologist, having previously headed Aviation Psychology in military aviation for two decades. She developed cutting edge talent assessment tests and talent selection systems for aviation vocations. Delicia implemented performance coaching and spearheaded the development of mental resilience, adaptability training for elite military pilots and incorporated 360 feedback systems for the flying training community to improve training effectiveness. She has deep expertise in safety and human factors and currently provides human factors training for the aviation industry. Past projects include the development of a human factors analysis framework for safety reporting in the RSAF and served as an aviation psychology and human factors expert on the Singapore Airlines SQ006 investigation team. She currently serves as a volunteer Inspector of Accidents with Singapore’s Transport Safety and Investigation Bureau.



Chin Yi has two decades in the aviation and defence sectors as a Senior Principal Psychologist, specializing in talent assessment and selection, as well as human performance training. She has developed and validated assessment tools for various aviation vocations and designed and developed training at the individual and systems levels to enhance human learning and performance. Beyond assessment and training, her experience also includes human factors training and accident investigation, as well as organisational development.



Han is an ex-military fighter pilot with 30 years experience and has operated on the F5/F16/S211/PC21 and M346 aircraft. He is a qualified flying instructor in both training and the operational flying squadrons and his previous responsibilities include being a Check Pilot for Instructional Standards as well as several staff level appointments in HQ. He has led the RSAF training transformation initiatives through the introduction of the PC-21 training platform and system. His experience is in curriculum development and training needs analysis in manned and unmanned platforms. He majored in Psychology and is currently a commercial Airbus pilot.



Malcolm has more than 20 years experience in the aviation industry as an ex-military Fighter Pilot and commercial airline pilot. He was a Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) on the A4SU and F5S/T, instructing on fighter tactics for both ab-initio and operational flying while participating multiple Air Force tri/bi-lateral exercises. He was a Unit Safety Officer and an Assistant Director of Wing Operations for an Airbase and is a CAAS/RSAF endorsed Safety officer and CRM facilitator. Academically, he holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Curtin University, Australia, specializing in Operating Systems development and Networking. Currently Malcolm operates the Airbus A320 as a Captain and CRM (Crew Resource Management) facilitator and concurrently serves as an Army Brigade Head for Air Land Operations (Reserve) for CSO-L and CSO-S (Counter Surface Operations Land/Sea) integration.


Senior Drone Specialist

Sean Fong began his flying career in 1985, he spent 18 years in the RSAF Air Force UAV Command contributing in a few roles; such as Flight Operation, Instructor, Training, Technical, Maintenance, Safety, Liaison and Logistics. In 2003, Sean Fong then left the Air Force and spent another 12 years in ST Aerospace Drone Development, contributing as Test Pilot, Instructor, Sensor Operator, Safety Officer, Flight Test Engineer and Overseas Trial Director as well. 
He has participated in commercial Aerial Videography in projects requiring a heavy lift Multirotor DJI S1000+ with DSLR.
A holder of CAAS UAPL, Sean Fong is certified for operating and testing Drones weighing from 1kg, 7.6kg, 10kg and 22kg as well.



Pehon is an Technopreuner, Airline Pilot and a Software Developer. Pehon started out in the Republic of Singapore Air Force, where he worked to become a Fighter Weapons Instructor and an Intelligence Officer. Through the years, Pehon learned to code (PHP, Javascript and Swift) and was successful in building and exiting multiple businesses in various industries. After leaving the RSAF in 2015, he co-founded, where he served as Chief Technology Officer. During his time in AsiaLawNetwork, he he was instrumental in developing a SiTF award winning product. Today, Pehon is an Airline Pilot, a writer at and a co-founder of



Wyman is an entrepreneur and ex-military F-16 pilot with the RSAF. He served as the inaugural Chief Fighter Weapons Instructor when the fixed-wing squadrons were restructured into a single Air Combat Command. He was mainly responsible for developing the fighter community's employment tactics and doctrines. After leaving the RSAF in 2012, Wyman made his foray into the F&B and entertainment business, managing operations and HR in a host of successful brands in Singapore and Malaysia. In early 2019, Wyman obtained his FAA ATP certification and worked with FAA training providers in marketing and recruiting international students. Wyman is currently the COO of a medical aesthetic chain



An ex-military maritime pilot turned commercial long-haul pilot, he holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Military Science (Technology and Management) from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.
Serving more than 11 years Airforce, he flew PC7-MKII, C208 and C-47TP aircraft and gave ab-initio training on PC7-MKII and operational training on C-47TP.
Specialist roles in Maritime Patrol, Search-and-Rescue, Paratrooping and Electronic Warfare. He is also experienced as a Maintenance Test Pilot, OT&E pilot, Safety Officer and Instrument Rating Examiner. His commercial experience is on A330/340/350 aircraft.



Augustine is an ex-military pilot and flying instructor with a Bachelor's of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Univeristy of Michigan. He is an accomplished management professional and an established business owner offering more than 40 years of success in management roles for military and commercial aviation training. He has also experienced in language training development, recruitment consulting and international airshow organisations.



Jack was previously a staff officer with MINDEF and has since then established himself as an accomplished Data Scientist. He has extensive experience in Financial Risk Management and has co-founded several companies which focuses on digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence development into predictive models. Jack also serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Singapore Management University (SMU) lecturing in programs related to Corporate and International Finance as well as Digital Transformation. Jack and his team's expertise and involvement in TRAVCON projects have enabled innovative data strategies to be incorporated in product development.



Alvin has been consulting and involved in new technologies and innovation for more than 20 years. He is currently the Co-Founder & CEO for Neeuro and holds technical advisory roles in several startups. Alvin also co-founded Brandtology in 2008, a leader in Business & Brand online intelligence services. As the CTO, he headed R&D and Operations across South East Asia and China. Alvin was a senior research scientist with DSO National Laboratories that contributed towards Singapore’s national security specializing in areas of information leakages, counter-intelligence activities and critical infrastructure protection. Alvin is currently serving as Chairman of the Digital Media Program Advisory Committee with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and his expertise in AI Engineering and Biometrics has assisted in shaping TRAVCON project development.



Lionel is a registered Patent Attorney in Singapore with his own firm specializing in patent drafting and prosecution, IP management and strategy, licensing and IP due diligence. As an industry veteran in the Intellectual Property space, Lionel has a proven track record in helping companies build a sustainable innovation culture and developing good practices in IP strategy and IP management that help to create value and assets for the companies. Lionel's past experience with Razer Inc led to development and implementation of IP programs, systems and policies for creating and managing hundreds of IP assets and deploying risk management systems and protocols to manage third party risks. Lionel is also an external consultant to GrabTaxi Holdings where he provides strategic patent advisory services to Grab’s legal and engineering team with particular focus on Patent harvesting and Patent Risk management.



Alex is an experienced FinTech entrepreneur with a proven record in start-up and high growth enterprises. 
He was the former CEO & Executive BOD of Future Finance, a UK online student lending company based in Ireland focused on invisible Prime and invisible Near-Prime students/consumers. Alex was also the former CEO of Simple Credit, an online lending company based in China focused on thin-file/no-file Near-Prime Chinese consumers. Simple Credit obtained the only foreign National Micro-Lending License in 2015.
Other notable work experiences include being the former SVP of Operations at NYSE listed Enova [ticker symbol ENVA], a Chicago FinTech company focused on thin-file and no-file Sub-Prime consumers. He was also a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company, Credit Officer with Development Bank of Singapore and Co-Founder of The Fruit Factory.  Alex has an MBA in Finance & Economics from University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BSc in Finance from the University of Florida.



Curtis is one of the top flight simulation experts globally and has spent the last 40 years in development of flight and motion-based sim technology. He was an owner and responsible for the technology behind Flightline Flight Simulations early 2000 in California which provided pilots with realistic fighter combat experiences and mission realistic scenarios through software licensing with simulation providers. Coincidentally, Curtis' great grandfather developed the first flight sim with the Wright Brothers and he currently holds several patents to his name.



CK has more than 40 years experience in Aviation Engineering and has held several management appointments for different airlines. His qualifications are FHKIE/CMCIT-membership-MBA (QM) and Dip TM. He is certified as an Auditor in Aviation and lectures for Airlines and  Universities in Hong Kong and organisations in China. C K is licensed to work on A320/330/340,B747/777 aircraft and has also held posts in HKCAD and is experienced in Quality and Safety Management.



David has had a long experience in the HR industry and has supported a wide spectrum of industries in his capacity as a HR specialist and business owner. He has been in close partnerships with larger corporations in Singapore such as CERTIS and has a strong background in supplying manpower to sectors such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering and Aviation. Apart from their Singapore headquarters, he has teams in South Korea, India, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia overseeing overseas recruitment and administration processes.



Ai Nee is a certified ACTA trainer (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) and a  certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Her past aviation experience as a flight attendant and as a corporate trainer has enabled her to help teams and develop individuals across industries such as aviation, retail, F&B, manufacturing, construction, transportation, finance and Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWO). Ai Nee continues to explore self-development and develops workshops, courses and holistic healing modalities.



John has been developing interactive software and experiences for 40 years. As an award winning game designer, John has helped hundreds of major brands, corporations and startups take their ideas and turn them into viable and engaging products with a highly tailored approach to each clients project based on their goals. John never uses the same team across two projects, but rather believes strongly that each project requires a bespoke and aligned team whose passions dovetail with the project demand and client company culture. Industries served include: education, entertainment, video games, healthcare and medicine, academia, aerospace, food and beverage, motion simulations, amusement parks, automotive and many others.



Dai Matsumoto is a Japanese Entrepreneur for Edutech and is the Founder of the mobile app “Vitae”. Dai graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Keio University, Tokyo Japan. From the start of his initial career development, Dai had been passionate about HR and providing the ability to support aspiring candidates to be matched to their choice careers. He decided to embark on a developmental journey into Edutech, AI utilization and HR principles since 2016 in Vietnam. He is involved in LMS and Data Analytics and is also an established business owner in F&B related industries.



Yuit has more than 20 years experience in UI/UX and software engineering with a background in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He is currently a business owner as well as has accountabilities in different leasdership voluntary organisations.



Iris is an Aviation English consultant based in Hong Kong. She is a qualified Aviation English instructor and ICAO English Rater. Her past experience includes flying in commercial airlines as a pilot and flight attendant. Iris specialises in curriculum design and training. She is actively involved in Aviation English Training and Testing for ab-initio and experienced pilots and is currently in partnership with a reputable aviation education organisation based in Hong Kong.

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